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In this paper I will describe my career path, goals to achieve them, and expectations I have in completing a graduate education. I firmly believe that if one plans on achieving his/her aspirations, setting goals is a very important step. A graduate's education will equip me with the valuable information and expertise to lead, properly diagnose, encourage, and manage my positions that I am assigned to. My career goals are to complete graduate school, become a nurse practitioner in an emergency room and later in life reside in an office setting. Another career goal is to support the needs of the community and help raise awareness about drugs and alcohol and create a center for rehabilitation. One of my personal goals is to help others when in need. This brings so much joy to my life and is my passion.

After Graduating in 2012 with my Associates in nursing I knew I wanted to continue my education within the nursing field. I am enrolled in the RN-BSN program at University of Tennessee and will graduate in the summer of 2013. I plan to continue my path forward to complete a graduate's degree as a family nurse practitioner.

In a nurse practitioner role, I will be able to participate in various roles as an educator, consultant, advocate, and source to the public regarding their health care concerns. This means having the professional scope to diagnose, prescribe, and manage the overall care of a patient. It also means having a strong skill set that will remain relevant and adaptable in the changing market of healthcare, as mid-level practitioners rise and the number of physicians decrease. Graduate education will assist me in development of clinical skill to assist through the use of focused and persistent clinical experiences designed to fortify patient care delivery skills, as well as system assessment and intervention skills.

Graduate education will help me achieve my career goals by expanding my knowledge and to facilitate health care in my community. It will prepare me for leadership and critical action within complex, changing systems, including health, educational, and organizational systems. As a health care professional, I am dedicated to provide competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights. I am an extremely charismatic person and I am confident with my skills and education, which provides patient confidence in my diagnoses and treatment options. In graduate school, I hope to gain more advanced medical skills, particularly in pathophysiology and pharmacology, to allow me to quickly and accurately identify the needs of the patient and to better address and diagnose any complex and diverse symptoms. Graduate school will prepare me to provide care to different populations and diverse groups of patients in clinical and community-based systems.

While attending nursing school, I worked and gained experience in the emergency department and intensive care unit and found it to be exciting and fascinating. I was challenged and tested to utilize my nursing knowledge and abilities daily. I plan to work in the emergency room after completing graduate school. Expanding my knowledge and experience in critical areas would be remarkable in my future. My experience in emergency room and intensive care unit has equipped me with practical knowledge and strong skills. I want to advance my experience and develop a deeper understanding of acute health care. Later on, I would like to settle into an office setting and use my prior expertise to care for patients with complex diseases. Health care standards and critical patients are more prevalent now than ever and increasingly challenging.

Drug abuse is an epidemic that is continuously on the rise and that I have personal experience with and would like to support others through my professional life. My husband and I plan to develop a drug rehab facility in partnership with the local drug coalition. I plan to use my professional experience to manage and operate the health care side of the organization. The community that I reside in and the surrounding communities needs to be reached, and I can share with those suffering from my experience, strength, and hope, as well as any health care that is needed. With a graduate degree, I can show others the future is limitless and anything is possible after sobriety. This is a reality that I have personally witnessed and I could only dream of the things I have accomplished over the past three years and how far I have come.

My Faith is strong and one of my many talents the Lord has blessed me with his empathy, compassion and the desire to help others. My nursing dreams began when I was about twelve. I had a tonsillectomy at a local outpatient surgery center. I was frightened and unsure of the pain to come. A nurse in the pre-op area was very reassuring as an IV was placed in my arm. I did not feel it and admired her gentleness. From that point on, I set my future goals on becoming a nurse. Growing up, my family engrained caring and honesty values into me. Completing graduate school of nursing would be a major achievement because I will be the first person in my family to achieve such a dream. I have a future plan to further my education, to present a positive outlook, and be supportive to my family and friends. I enjoy learning from all aspects of life, good and bad. Some are harder than others, but I will always press on and make the best of the future.

Even though I recently got married, I have continued the path forward to complete nursing school. My husband and I have determined that we will not start our family until my education has been completed. I want to contribute to the future for our family and community. With a graduate education I can provide and support future needs and desires for both. The economy is ever changing and pursuing a nurse practitioner career has a promising future and will provide great opportunities.

I am currently utilizing my skills I have learned as a Registered Nurse and am working in the home health field. In this area of work I get to care for elderly patients. This population is very rewarding to me. The wisdom and knowledge the elderly share with me enhances my understanding and compassion. It also educates me with the application of my knowledge and experience to heal or improve upon difficult health problems pertaining to the elderly ailments. I enjoy seeing the outcome improvements of patient's health. Working in the healthcare field is a privilege and an honor. It requires hard work, intelligence and compassion.

Nursing is a dynamic profession built upon a foundation of art and science. It has adapted to rapidly changing technology, rising patient acuity, and overcome the challenge of nursing shortages with a firm commitment to professionalism. Master's level nursing education is the proper level of education for nursing professionals, like me, who are seeking roles that require advanced practice skills in order to function as providers and organizers of the health care delivery process. I have adopted the mentality that all things worthwhile require goals and hard work.

I have many goals and aspirations in life. However, through my undergraduate and work experiences as a certified nurse, I was able to discover my true calling—to become a family nurse practitioner. Thus, with optimism, I am looking forward to a more challenging and fulfilling career in the field of family nursing. I feel that the time has come for me to take another step towards achieving my goals, some of which are short-term.

One of my short-term goals is to learn new things and gain more knowledge about family nursing practices, which I can achieve by becoming a part of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program of (insert name of university here). I believe that by continuing my studies in this university, I will be armed with the appropriate skills and knowledge that can make me a successful family nurse in the future. Completing the said program with flying colors and becoming a certified family nurse practitioner are also part of my short-term goals. To achieve this, I intend to strive towards attaining several short-term goals under this.

One is to repay my would-be mentors by studying harder and fulfilling the assigned tasks and projects. It would be a great privilege to be accepted in this university and therefore, it is only right for me to do my very best. By staying committed to my studies, I also aim to reach another short-term sub-goal: to show an exemplary academic and practical performance. I believe that I can attain this with the help of (insert name of university) where I can definitely acquire skills and knowledge that are beyond those that are needed to practice family nursing through its reputable mentors and resources.

Being a family nurse practitioner is a noble profession. It practice requires patience and dedication. Once I attain my short-term goals, I plan to pursue my long-term goals of providing healthcare to families that need my service the most. I wish to go beyond the conventional family nursing practice by offering the patients utmost care and taking care not only of their health needs but their personal needs as well. I plan to devote myself to becoming a family nurse practitioner and a family member of the patients whom I will be serving. After all, when you care for a person, you wish the best for them.

Also, in order to meet my long term goal, I will help meet the primary healthcare needs of the families I will take care of to prevent them from having or developing illnesses and for them to have good health maintenance. As one of my long-term goals, I am also looking forward to having a family of my own where I can apply my profession by maintaining my family’s health needs at an excellent status. This will all be made possible by attending Family Nurse Practice Program at (insert name of university here). Finally, I plan to specialize in providing healthcare services for the older generation by becoming a gerontologic nurse practitioner.

I aim to focus in this field and fulfilling this long-term goal not only because it is highly in demand due to the many baby boomers that require this service, but also because I love taking care of the elderly and have a great respect for them. I know that a job of a family nurse practitioner is not easy. But, when I become a family nurse practitioner, I will never surrender and I will take my responsibilities to heart. I am really motivated to succeed. I can also clearly see my goals in front of me. Hence, I will just look straight ahead, ignoring the petty obstacles such as fear and overcoming the difficulties that I will encounter.


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