Dont Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments And Essay

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Stereotypes when some decides to make judgment on another person, or has been told by another person and they believe them about this person and a judgment was made, say because of the color of their skin, or nationality and there like that’s the way we don’t it around here, without really knowing if this person is a good or bad one. Discrimination is to me when some puts you down/ let’s say for a job because they don’t like something about you, such as the color of skin, if you’re too skinny or too fat, or maybe to young or to old. Stereotypes play out at the organizational level in regard to employment discrimination by (Erdogan, 2010) stereotypes being a generalization of certain kinds of people that other people believe, and these people that believe this can discriminate against age, gender, race, national origin, or religion, although there is laws to uphold against this it still happens. How I can counter those labels in my workplace is by knowing in my own mind what’s right and what’s wrong and if someone is not acting right by stereotyping and discriminating, I will pull them up on it or maybe tell them really grow up or it can be taken to a higher authority like a court room, life is hard enough on people and then to have someone put them down for no reason is not right. To discuss how sexual harassment laws help counter stereotypes I would say (Commission, 2013) that it keeps people from sexually harassing and it can knock the stereotypes down in people minds......

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...English Composition 101.0816 October 31, 2013     Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgment  The author’s essay “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments” by Robert Heilbroner discusses about the many faces of stereotyping. Heilbroner reminds us that stereotyping affects many areas of our lives from how we view the world as a whole to how we view each individually. According to Heilbroner there is nothing positive/good about stereotyping. The author states that it makes people lazy thinkers and that it harms both the people we are stereotyping and ourselves. The author gives us three ways we can stop stereotyping people.        My grandmother believed that all hispanic people are illiterate, dark colored and dangerous. I didn’t understand why she believed this; she didn’t even meet many hispanic people.  I have never heard my grandmother say anything positive about hispanic people until my mother was part of the family.  She must have seen or heard something negative said about hispanic people and now judges all hispanic people the same way.  The judgment on my grandmother’s part is very unfair.  She has not met every hispanic person in the world, so she can’t say that all hispanic people are illerterate and dangerous.  She could say that a group of hispanic people was beating on a single person or wasn’t able to read, but as the author suggests we should not judge everyone by one man or just one specific incident. Which the first way the author gives to stop......

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Do Not Stereotype Your Customers

... Stereotype is defined as having a fixed mind-set about an individual based on their background. This attitude is seen as a weaken character that discriminates, bias and prejudice. Whenever we make conclusions about someone without knowing them, it means we are stereotyping them. There are several key factors in stereotyping which includes nationality, origin, race, religion and gender. How does stereotype evolved and why it is tough to nip the source? Culture imposition is one of the main reasons for the existence of stereotype. Culture imposition encircles the belief of “We know what’s best for you, if you don’t like it you can go elsewhere”. For few races, they self-imposed themselves superior compared to minorities and thus feels their thoughts, ideas and views has stronger authority and command. Besides than that, ethnocentrism concept emphasizes their culture is superior and inability to accept another culture view. It has evolved in this world long time back and most of it referred to started long way back from the time of colonial and imperial power. Clearly it channeled the process of using assumptions to evaluate other culture’s action and messages, thereby concluding their ulterior purposes and motives. Culture blindness contributes to the final straw of stereotype with simply ignoring difference and individuals proceeds as though no differences exist with the perception of not......

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Dare to Be Uncool Don't Let Our Earth Die Before Our Eyes

...Dare to be Uncool: Don't Let Our Earth Die Before Our Eyes Advance of Technology Life has never been easier. With the advance of technology, now people can do things which were impossible in the past. Motor vehicles help us commute, and trains and airplanes even more so. In daily life, the advent of plastic diapers helps mothers and fathers; their sleep isn't bothered with having to change their babies' cloth diapers frequently. Too Much Technology really helps us, but in my opinion the use of it is sometimes too much. Here is one example from my neighborhood: I saw my teen neighbor going to a local shop by motorcycle. And how far is her house from the shop? Only 300 meters! She only bought one pack of instant noodles and also got a black plastic bag for free. Since she used her motorcycle, she needed the plastic bag because she couldn't hold the noodles while driving. So, the plastic bag with its carrying handler became the solution. If she had chosen to walk to the shop, she wouldn't have needed the plastic bag, as she could have carried the noodles in her hand. This little example shows that technology is sometimes inappropriate, and too much. We become dependent on it for simple tasks and worse, we become lazy. Moreover, we human beings are consuming too much, and this consumption is unsustainable. Humanity is consuming over 20% more natural resources each year than the Earth can produce.1 Yes, it makes our life easier right now. But imagine a few years from......

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...Associate Program Material Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet. Part I Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for each: • Race • Ethnicity • Religion • Gender • Sexual orientation • Age • Disability |Category |Stereotype 1 |Stereotype 2 |Stereotype 3 | |Race |African Americans are better at |African American men are well |Caucasians have no rhythm and | | |sports. |endowed |cannot dance. | |Gender |Women are not as strong as men. |Women are not politicians. |Women are supposed to be | | | | |submissive and do as they are | | | | |told. | |Disability |People with disabilities cannot |Having a mental disability means |People with disabilities are ......

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...Stereotypes are things that we as humans wish we could sometimes avoid. Many of us hold stereotypes with conviction and many of us hold stereotypes that can be easily shaped through open minded experience. Making assumptions about another person, especially one you’ve never personally met, is essentially judging a book by its cover. Whether certain stereotypes are true or not for a given person or group, they actually have a significant effect on the identities of both the person being stereotyped and the person stereotyping. Having a presence on the internet as a YouTube video creator and as a rising natural bodybuilder, I am actively viewed and stereotyped by thousands of people on a daily basis. Many people are convinced that I took steroids or diuretics to get to the (far from amazing in my opinion) muscularity and conditioning that I displayed in many pictures I took in 2011. I am stereotyped as being obsessed about everything under the umbrella of bodybuilding, from food to training. I’ve learned that all of these stereotypes that I deal with online and offline help shape my identity, but fortunately in positive ways. “Roids!” That’s one of the most frequent words a successful bodybuilder hears. Why in the world would I want to be associated with taking steroids or any performance or cosmetic enhancing drugs? There’s something special about being a pure, 100% natural bodybuilder that differentiates it from being one of the big guys you’ve seen before in...

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Let Your Hopes, Not Your Hurts. Shape Your Future

...back and let God do his works and once I made that major step, the LORD did exactly what he said he would do. Speaking on today would’ve been a nerve wrecking assignment for me in the past, but now that my spirit of fear is gone, I have the courage to do anything I put my mind to. My speaking goals is exactly what I’m living at this very moment. They are what I’m presenting to you at this very moment. I am a strong believer in hope and having a bright future. I do believe that public speaking will get me where I need to be. Although, I’m brave enough to stand before you’ll this evening, I’m always willing to learn above just fears. Yes, getting over my fear of speaking in public was one of my main speaking goals, but remaining fearless is an even bigger one. I would love to be that woman of intelligence who can stand before an important person, whether the president or my boss, and speak with dignity, confidence, and pride. I would love to be that powerful, African American woman who can stand before a crowd who expects less from me, and speak with power and show that I’m fearless and not feel intimidated. Any goal that I have is a promise to me. I promise myself that I will achieve any goal that I set for myself. I am somebody. I do have a future in being able to deliver a speech in pure confidence and I do have a future in life for God has already promised that to me in Jeremiah 29:11. Just when you feel the need to give up, remember these words, Let your hopes, not your......

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Don't Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments

...The article “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgment” written by Robert L. Heilbroner, discusses in vivid context how stereotypes are theoretically developed and spread, their effects on society as a whole, and their impacts upon the groups or individuals when the judgments are made on other individuals and groups. According to Heilbroner’s article in regards to stereotypes upon their effects on individuals, preset judgments are casted to degrees of extremity in which is determined by appearance, status, and even knowledge; examples of this include individuals with glasses being intelligent, people with certain names being visualized in a certain way, etc. Heilbroner believes that stereotypes have the potential to impact our society by causing people to establish premature conclusions about individuals instead of thinking for themselves and drawing their facts from an individual basis rather than a generalized one. Results of this would most likely create segregation, discrimination, and perhaps even criminal activity. As far as group stereotypes and their impacts upon societies based on Heilbroner’s article, biased judgments have the tendency to be made in accordance to familiarity or minor details; one example of this includes a demonstration of many Colombia and Barnard students whom were shown 30 photographs of unidentified women and were asked to rate their beauty, general liking, intelligence, etc. Two months later, the same students were shown the same pictures,......

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Don't Let Me Die

...Situations can change very quickly, especially within a healthcare facility. The nursing staff within a nursing home carries the responsibility of always watching and monitoring the environment to assure the residents are comfortable and cared for in the home. The ethical problem in “Please Don’t Let Me Die” case is malpractice. The nursing staff neglected to care for a patient noticeably in need and continually asking for help. Additionally, the three registered nursed were negligent. The two nurses found culpable in Loren Richard’s death had not successfully overseen the nursing staff to assure the team was following the standard of care. Regardless to the state of the floor prior to the three nurses taking a break, the registered nurses are responsible for the coverage of the floor and care for the patients for the duration of their break. If I had been one of the three registered nurses I would have been mindful of my responsibility and would have scheduled the breaks at different times to assure at least one registered nurse was present on the floor at all times. Additionally, I would have responded to Loren Richard’s cries for help and helped him get the necessary treatment. Having a good balance of qualified staff in relation to patients creates a better-managed environment for any healthcare facility, in this case, a better environment for the residents within the nursing home. “A component of Provision six is that conditions of employment must be conducive...

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Don't Let Your Board Exams Stress You Out

...The board exams and stress seem to go hand in hand for the vast majority of students who undertake this sort of coming of age ritual across India each year. Lost appetites, under-confidence, nervousness, anxiety and even depression are no strangers to the youngsters who are conditioned to look upon these exams as the be-all and end-all of academic achievements in school. Not a year goes by without the media reporting a number of suicides and suicidal attempts by children as young as 14 to 17 due to the fear of the boards, or their poor performance in the same. Small wonder then, that the stress inflicted upon these hapless students has become quite a concern for parents, schools and society alike. These youngsters primarily undergo stress due to two factors. The first is the hype that surrounds the board examinations. While they are no different from the dozens of exams the students have already undertaken during their school life, schools, teachers and parents approach the boards with apprehension akin to fear and this in turn seeps into the students. From the time students enter Class IX, teachers start mentioning their boards looming large next year. Once in Class X, the pressure is relentless, with continual pressure for improved performances in time for the boards. This attitude is also reflected by parents, who view the boards with trepidation as a good score in Class X alone can ensure admission into a subject stream of choice. For Class XII students also,......

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Summary for Chapter 9 - “Let Your Motto Be Resistance”

...Summary for Chapter 9 - “Let Your Motto Be Resistance” Summary: This chapter discuss the causes for the militancy among black and white abolitionist. Additionally this chapter clarifies the role of African Americans in the antislavery movement. Despite the fact that there were white people that were one hundred percent anti slavery, there still was a lot of black people that felt as though they were a still the oppressors. The African Americans that had an upper hand, those that did speeches such as Henry Highland Garnet spoke upon resistance, and the immediate abolition of slavery. There were also some African Americans believe that African-American migration and nationalism was the best means to realize black aspirations. On the other hand you have most black abolitionist that disagreed with that outlook, but instead, insisting the aim of freedom in the United States. (130 words) Key Points: The American Anti-Slavery Society was considered as the umbrella organization for immediate abolitionists during the 1830s and the main Garrison organization after 1840. It was the most important organization of the 1830s. This movement was dedicated to quick, unpaid emancipation and equal rights for African Americans in the United States. This organization was major help towards abolition of slavery. (59 words) During the 1830s the AASS adopted a reform based on moral suasion. moral suasion is a tactic endorsed by the American Anti-Slavery Society during the 1830s. it appealed......

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Stereotypes and Prejudice

...Stereotypes and Prejudice * Stereotypes are beliefs about a certain group of people based on their membership in a particular group or a small sample of these people. Like any time you grouping races or individuals together and make a judgment about them without knowing them is called a stereotype. It can be positive, negative, or neutral. For example, Jeff thinks that vegetarians are healthy and peace-loving. Those are positive stereotypes because they reflect well on the group. On the other hand, he also thinks that vegetarians are pedantic and holier-than-thou, which are negative stereotypes. Eddie thinks that meat eaters are all strong, due to all the protein they eat - that's a positive stereotype. But he also thinks that they don't care about the environment, which is a negative stereotype. Another example, it may be a stereotype that Asian people love to eat rice. So according to this stereotype, if you are Asian, that automatically means that you will unconditionally love to eat rice. This can already show that generalizations made from stereotypes are not the most reliable to base your judgment on. Both positive and negative stereotypes can have a negative effect on a person. For example, one racial stereotype is that Asian students are really good at math. This is a positive stereotype, but it can make an Asian student feel pressure and feel like a failure if he isn't good at math, which is a negative outcome. * Prejudice is a feeling towards a person...

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Challenge #2: Let Your Food Be Your Medicine, and Your Medicine Your Food protein intake, 54% of my carbohydrates, and 35% of my lipids. I kept within my average DRI range in all 3 categories, however, I was on the low side of my DRI scale in protein and on the high side in lipids. The foods that I consumed consisted of Chef Boyardee, pizza, Sargento cheese slices, and spaghetti, which contained my protein, Honey Nut Cheerios, coke, bananas, peas and carrots, cheesecake, and a bake potato, which contained my carbohydrates, and all of these foods contained my lipids. These foods listed did not necessarily contain a lot of protein, but once they were all consumed I did have a complete combination over a three day period. It is important to consume of your daily protein because your body begins to take away from your carbohydrates and lipids to make up for your lost protein, which can result in drowsiness or weight loss/gain, and it can also cause illness. Protein, carbohydrates, and lipids are referred to as macronutrients. Macronutrients are substances needed for growth and metabolism, and they also provide energy (“Macronutrients”, 2004). When we consume too much or too little of a macronutrient we can become more susceptible to illness or disease. For example, two diseases that develop from too little protein are Kwashiorkor and Marasmus, and too diseases that develop because of too much carbohydrates and lipids are Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. When consuming too much or too little of a macronutrient it can also result......

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Business Ethics - in Your Judgment, Is the Policy of Using Homeless Alcoholics for Test Subjects Morally Appropriate Explain the Reasons for Your Judgment. What Does Your Judgment Imply About the Moral

...ANSWERS, ASSIGNMENT SOLUTIONS, PROJECT REPORTS AND THESIS ARAVIND - 09901366442 – 09902787224 BUSINESS ETHICS 1. Analyze the ethics of marketing Publius using utilitarianism, rights, justice, and caring. In your judgement, is it ethical to market Publius? Explain. 2. Are the creators of Publius in any way morally responsible for any criminal acts that criminals are able to carry out and keep secret by relying on Publius? Is AT & T in any way morally responsible for these? Explain your answers. 3. In your judgment, should governments allow the implementation of Publius? Why or why not? 1. Fully explain the effects that payment like those which Lockheed made to the Japanese have on the structure of a market. 2. In your view, were Lockheed’s payments to the various Japanese parties “bribes” or “extortions” ? Explain your response fully. 3. In your judgment, did Mr. A. Carl Kotchian act rightly from a moral point of view ? (Your answer should take into account the effects of the payments on the welfare of the societies affected, on the right and duties of the various parties involved, and on the distribution of benefits and burdens among the groups involved.) In your judgment, was Mr. Kotchian morally responsible for his actions ? Was he, in the end, treated fairly ? 4. In its October 27, 1980, issue, Business Week argued that every corporation has a corporate culture – that is, values that set a pattern for......

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Let Go of Your Crutches

...Let go of your Crutches! A persuasive essay on personal responsibility GEN 200 January 23, 2012 Let go of your Crutches! A persuasive essay on personal responsibility The lack of personal responsibility in the United States is mounting in epic proportions continually putting a strain on our social and economic foundations. Some people search for any and every excuse to try and gloss over their poor decision making. Excuses such as poverty, education disadvantages, and deprived childhood rank as the top three. I will briefly discuss these topics and give examples of successful people who overcame these difficulties and much more to become great. Many people like to use the crutches of financial inequality, academic shortcomings, and absentee parents as excuses for their own personal bad decisions (or for criminal acts) to remain wards of the state. Instead of pulling themselves up “by their bootstraps”, they continue to receive government hand-outs, reside in government funded housing, and collect government subsidies. There are many examples of people who have overcome these and even greater hardships; here are three. Poverty: Oprah Winfrey was born to an un-wed teenage mother who was in such grave poverty, that she had to give her up to her grandmother to rear. Her grandmother was also impoverished and at a later date was returned to her mother. Oprah was somewhat of a rebel, going against the social and racial norms of her time,...

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