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n the kids’s room, orange and purple strokes provide a vivid atmosphere with a Pop flair for instant happiness.  Here the furnishings set the tone: the bunk-bed bridges the wardrobe and the desk; the stairway has extra storage under each step for keeping “secrets”; the cozy pod-like armchair is perfect to enjoy some dreaming solitude. No doubts: from the splash of colours of the walls to the super soft rug, the space is playful and fun


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 More than a simple bunk-bed, choose a model that is as height as the wardrobe. It is partly a space for sleeping and partly a fairytale castle where there is enough space to study or do homework.


It must be large and spacious, like this one: the top with clean lines and smooth edges provides plenty of space.

Stairway with built in drawers.

Instead of the classic ladder, choose a stairway with built-in drawers. It’s safer and every step offer storage space for toys, shoes, clothes…. thus making the most of the space.

Pop armchair.

A ‘70s iconic piece, this pod-like armchair is perfect for the kid’s room. It turns into a playful retreat which will also appeal to grown-ups.

Fluorescent colours.

Orange and purple: these two colours will instantly add accent to the room.  Mix them up with white to warm up every space.

Shaggy rug.

It’s playful and you can lie on it for daydreaming. Children like It as long as it’s soft and colourful, a cozy space for lazing around on.

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