Canadian Central Office Code Assignment Guidelines For Perinatal Care

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Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering: Task Identification Forms


Active TIFS

Inactive TIFS

Tabled TIFS

Active TIFs

TIF 99 - Update CSCN Guidelines for Vancouver LPZ

TIF 100 - Update unassignable NXXs in the Canadian Non-Geographic Code Assignment Guideline

Inactive TIFs

TIF 5 - Canadian Assignment Guidelines for Geographic NXX Codes (CNA)

TIF 30 - NANP Exhaust (CNA)

TIF 34 - CSCN adoption of the NANP Numbering Resource Utilization Forecast (NRUF) Process

TIF 35 - Guidelines Maintenance Standing Committee

TIF 36 - Use of numbers from 310, 610, and 810 CO Codes

TIF 37- Wireless Enhanced 911 ESRDs using CO Code 511

TIF 41- Treatment of Active and Inactive NXXs Assigned to a Code Holder that Discontinues Providing Service in a Exchange

TIF 42- Canadian Central Office Code Assignment Emergency Notification Process

TIF 43 - Canadian NPA Relief Planning Guidelines maintenance

TIF 44 - Canadian Central Office Code (NXX) Assignment Guidelines Appendix re: Reserved & Held TNs

TIF 45 - Loading of NXX Codes in ILEC/WSP/CLEC and IXC Switches

TIF 46 - International Mobile Station Identity (IMSI) and System Identifier (SID) Codes Guidelines

TIF 47 - Suspension and Reactivation of NPA Relief Planning Activities

TIF 48 - Multiple Operating Company Number (Multi-OCN) Oddball CO Codes

TIF 49 - Review of the CSCN Adjunct to the CISC Administrative Guidelines

TIF 50 - Carrier Identification Codes (CICs) for Switchless Resellers

TIF 51 - Open NPA 710 in Canada

TIF 52 - Changes to section 3.7 of the Canadian Central Office Code (NXX) Assignment Guidelines to clarify the meanings of current and projected future home and neighbouring NPAs

TIF 53 - ENUM (Telephone Number Mapping)

TIF 54 - Definition of a Canadian Telephone Number

TIF 55 - COCA GL Changes re: transfer, reclamation & return of CO Codes

TIF 56 - CDMA Use of MNC - Canadian International Mobile Station Identity (IMSI) Assignment Guidelines

TIF 57 - Requirement for CNAC - Service User Agreement

TIF 58 - Development of Canadian NPA 600 Code Assignment Guideline

TIF 59 - Review of INC 800-855 Number Assignment Guidelines

TIF 60 - Review of INC NPA Allocation Plan and Assignment Guidelines

TIF 61 - Review of INC 555 NXX Assignment Guidelines

TIF 62 - Review of Canadian Adjunct to INC Personal Communications Services N00 NXX Code Assignment Guidelines

TIF 63 - Review of INC Vertical Service Code Assignment Guidelines

TIF 64 - COCA GL Section 4.3 Shared CO Codes and Impacts on TN Portability

TIF 65 - Authorized Representatives of Numbering Resource Applicants

TIF 66 - Modify CSCN Adjunct to CISC Administrative Guidelines

TIF 67 - CNA Administration of MIN Block Identifiers (MBI) in Canada

TIF 68 - Canadian NPA Relief Planning Guidelines

TIF 69 - Creation of a Legal Corporation for the purpose of Conducting the Canadian ENUM Trial

TIF 70 - Update Canadian Central Office Code Assignment Guidelines, Appendix E, Location Routing Number (LRN) Selection Criteria in accordance with Telecom Decision CRTC 2006-28

CNTF070A.doc - 67 KB - CSCN TIF 70 - Update Canadian Central Office Code Assignment Guidelines Location Routing Number (LRN) Selection Criteria in accordance with Telecom Decision CRTC 2006-28

TIF 71 - Review of COCA GL Forms; Parts 1, 3 and 4

TIF 72 - Modifications to CSCN process for GTT point code notification to allow WNP

TIF 73 - Modifications to the Canadian MIN Block Identifier (MBI) Assignment Guideline

TIF 74 - Review of INC Issue 534 re: Development of pANI Guidelines

TIF 75 - CSCN Guidelines Review

TIF 76 - Additional modifications to the Canadian MIN Block Identifier (MBI) Assignment Guideline

TIF 77 - N11 Implementation Notification

TIF 78 - Sint Maarten Application to Join the NANP

TIF 79 - CSCN - CISC Administration Review

TIF 80 - Exhaust of Canadian Emergency Service Routing Digit (ESRD) Resources (8 January 2009)

TIF 81 - Reservation of Future Canadian Geographic NPA Codes for relief of existing Canadian NPAs forecast to exhaust in next 25 year timeframe (8 May 2009)

TIF 82 - INC Issue 664: Review NPA Allocation Guidelines to consider NPA Sharing (20 October 2009)

TIF 83 - Explanation for NRUF Variances

TIF 84 - Review of Canadian NPA 600 NXX Code Assignment Guideline

TIF 85 - Address look up systems necessary for IP voice network interconnection dated March 5, 2012

TIF 86 - Non-Geographic 5XX-NXX Code Resources

TIF 87 - Management of numbering resources in low density population areas (TELUS Contribution for CSCN)

TIF 88 - (Transitioning from geographic NANP resources to other resources for non traditional purposes) with minutes from the CSCN 100 face-to-face meeting re: TIF 88

TIF 89 - Test Central Office (CO) Codes versus Plant Test Codes dated February 20, 2013.

TIF 90 - Changing the Status of Certain Unassignable CO Codes dated October 8, 2013.

TIF 91 - Elimination of the Split and Boundary Realignment Relief Methods from consideration during Relief Planning in Canada

TIF 92 - N11 Notification Process (28 March 2014).

TIF 93 - Update the Canadian Emergency Service Routing Digit (ESRD) Block Assignment Guideline

TIF 94 - Update Canadian International Mobile Subscription Identity (IMSI) Assignment Guideline to allow for the assignment of MNCs to full MVNOs

TIF 95 - Create a Canadian Carrier Identification Code (CIC) Assignment Guideline to replace the current Canadian Adjunct to the INC Carrier Identification Code (CIC) Assignment Guidelines

TIF 97 - Consider future action on 555 line resources

TIF 98 - Future Canadian Geographic NPA Codes to be used for relief of existing Canadian NPAs forecast to exhaust in next ten years

Tabled TIFs

TIF 27 - SS7 Point Code Industry Notification (See SS7 Point Code Information) 28 June 2013.

TIF 13 - CSCN Review of Number Assignment Guidelines for CNA (CNA)

CNRE011A.doc - 23KB - is a TIF that has been recommended for deletion.

CSCN8818.DOC - 11,264 bytes - Issue 26. Letter to PN96-28 Interested Parties. Invitation to Participate in this SWG.

ISSUE26.DOC - 12,288 bytes - Identification Form - Number Pooling, Code Sharing and Co Code Shortages.

MANDATE.DOC - 11,264 bytes - Issue 26. Mandate and Scope

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