Pratt Institute College Prowler Essay

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Pratt has a gorgeous campus. Surrounded by the concrete Jungle of Brooklyn, Pratt's campus offers an escape with its trees and sculpture gardens. Everyone I have met is friendly and open to appreciating other people's work. Pratt not only teaches you more about your craft but also helps you find your unique style.
the campus is beautiful, i love the work area that this school provides. The students are friendly and the professors are great with the students
Pratt Institute has media-specific facilities. Computers are well equipt with software that can be used for both academic and personal work. Expensive cafeteria food and tuition.
So far it is has been a good experience, I haven't had any negative experiences and most of the facilities are physically accessible to people with disabilities. The campus is in a nice area, and there are a lot of entertainment options. It's pretty cool.
Students are very apathetic towards clubs. Not many students are in clubs or aware of what other clubs are up to. There are rarely any weekend events so I get bored easily. Sports games are not well attended and the teams are OK. Dorms aren't that great and the food is sub par. the culture is very homogeneous as it is an art school.
I like the surrounding neighborhood and being able to walk everywhere or use the subway, and being close to manhattan is nice. I've met nice people however most people here are clichey.
I think that the reviews on Niche of Pratt Institute are out dated. Pratt has come a long way in just a few years and the reviews are very inaccurate. It is a great school with great professors. An amazing campus and an amazing surrounding area
LOVEEEEE. The students, professors, staff and the cats are amazing. Everyone feels comfortable, free, and happy. Classes are of high quality and students really learn and do their best efforts. There are so many extremely talented people. I currently go to Pratt and I love it. I couldn't be happier anywhere else. An environment like this makes you feel confident and want to learn and do what you need to do. The dorms are not amazing but we're art students, we don't really care, because either way we'll make it cool and beautiful with our art. I believe Pratt gives the best education there is and after graduation I'm sure every graduate will be incredibly successful. Unfortunately I can no longer attend Pratt because of lack of funds, but I will do everything I can to go back. This is why I'm applying to scholarships.
The best thing about Pratt is the students. Everyone is so hardworking and you meet many people that are so talented. The bad thing about Pratt is that it is expensive and they don't really help with financial aid.
The Fashion department is great. I think Pratt's registration periods need help though because as of now it is really hard to get in to the classes you want. Also the way its set up is annoying.
At Pratt, opportunities to challenge ideas and explore new potentials are overflowing. I first became interested in Pratt when I saw their groundbreaking work in creating the first graduate program in Museums and Digital Culture in the world. I knew immediately that I wanted to be able to say I was part of something this fundamental in the future of our museums and libraries. It wasn't until the end of my first semester when we had elected a new president of the United States that I realized how important it was that I was in school, and not just any school, but that I was at Pratt. Right there and then, my mission expanded into a call to action through my education and to arm myself with the power to protect the voices and the communities of museums and libraries. The professionals who have supported the academics at Pratt were also there to provide that support to those students who were ready for the fight.
I went to Pratt for a pre-college program and I really enjoyed it there. I am actually going to college there because I liked it so much!
So far the classes are good and I feel one can make the transition from student to the workforce easier.
Pratt's campus is the best in New York City and one of my favorite things about the school. The courses and professors are good so far. The food and dorms are mediocre.
Love Pratt. It gives me the opportunities to expand my design skills and being in New York City really inspires students to do exactly that!
I went for a campus tour, and the experience was great! The reception was very nice, got us on a tour very fast. Two tour guides (students studying at Pratt) took us on a 2-hour tour, answering our questions while giving great information about the institution. The campus is beautiful, definitely a calm getaway from the busyness of New York city, with inspiring sculptures around a very green area. The studios looked very professional, and the security system is very fast and trustworthy.
I really enjoyed the educatio at Pratt Institute. I learned more anout the world and my own self, and I still utilize the skills I learned through my own personal and professional life.
Pratt Institute, from my time being here so far, is a wonderful school. All of my instructors are well-versed in their field and active in their respective field, bringing experience with them as a supplement to the concepts they teach. They're always willing to help, and they're open to new ideas and ways to solve problems. The campus is gorgeous, however some of the freshman dorms could be improved- Cannoneer Court specifically does not have "work rooms" properly equipped to deal with art students' demands. There are no sinks to wash out brushes and paint without clogging the drain, there are a limited number of desks, there are only two rooms designated for work- so they get crowded fast. Also, sometimes the administration can either be slow or ineffective, and some of the hours of somewhat important resources, the nurse especially, are incredibly inconvenient to the average student's schedule.
Pratt is a great school. It is pretty rough getting used to the workload and the stress but all in all the teachers really know what they are talking about and are great mentors.
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