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Yea,… it’s kind of a BIG Deal! – What an exciting week for us at IMAGING USA!

 We finally made it back to OKC and are proud to officially announce to all of our clients and friends that Johnny was awarded his Master of Photography degree and title this past week by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) in Atlanta at this years Imaging USA.

PPA also sent us a Press release that we would like to share with you below.

Press Release Info

Oklahoma City Photographer Earns Master of Photography
Johnny Holland of J. Holland Photography has been recognized for superior image making
and photographic service with a degree from the Professional Photographers of America.

Jan,12, 2016 — Johnny Holland of J. Holland Photography in Oklahoma City has earned the
Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). The
degree was presented to Holland by PPA president Michael Timmons, M. Photog., M. Artist,
Cr., CPP, F-ASP at the associations annual convention, Imaging USA, held on Jan 10-12, 2016
in Atlanta Georgia.

The Master of Photography degree is not merely a piece of paper. It means that Holland has
met the standards of excellence set by PPA. He has been awarded this degree in recognition
of his superior photographic competence demonstrated through photographic competition,
advanced education and service to the profession.

Holland’s degree — and all the expertise it requires — illustrate his accomplishments and talent
as one of a select few.

Johnny Holland and his wife Carrie are owners of J. Holland Photography located in
Oklahoma City, specializing in Portraits, Athletics, Fine Art and Seniors. Along with PPA
he is also an active member and previously served on the board of directors of the
Professional Photographers of Oklahoma (PPO) as well as an active member of the
Metro Professional Photographers Association (MPPA), in which he currently serves as

About PPA
Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the largest international nonprofit
association created by professional  photographers, for professional photographers. Almost as
long-lived as photography itself, PPA’s roots date back to 1869. The nonprofit assists more than
28,500 members through protection, education, and resources for their continued success.
See how PPA helps photographers be more at PPA.com

“I am so very  proud of this accomplishment and want to give a very heart felt thank you to all who have inspired and mentored me over the years to help make this happen.” — Johnny Holland


YAC: Jessica,(1 hour) Ananya (1.5 hours), Dylan(3 hours)

STUCO: Dylan, Jake U (4 hours), Gabby J (4 hours)

Evan W. Director of Development

Carmen C, Service-Learning Director Mercy School Principal

Snacks by Casady Service-Learning and Mercy School

The Fedex time started with finding the why of the attending organizations.  Then exploring the themes for the year and ended with a look at the calendar that was, the challenges faced and the possible improvements for the following year. 

YAC                                                                STUCO's

Inspire others to find                             Casady: Provide students with an 

their passion to serve                             excellent Casady experience

                                                            Mercy: Students' voice hurdles/fun                                                                                                                                                                   
Promotes service in school                      Promotes student participation in 
and community                                      school and community


The below brainstorming will be taken to the governing board when they are set.  Buthiana requested Casady STUCO to consider having a gathering of STUCO's at sometime during the year to get ideas from each other.  The STUCO's at colleges and universities are also a resource.  At the National level there is the National Association of STUCO's.

For YAC, many non-profits in OKC have service boards.  The faith-based organizations have service embedded in their outreach activities.  At the National Level, YAC has NYLC YAC, YSA YAC, State Farm YAB

Every activity done has to relate to the why.  Agendas need to be set in advance with thoughtful preparation.  The calendar should be set at the end of the school year when what has been done is still fresh.  The calendar has to remain flexible due to the opportunities the year brings. Connections to the different resources (CPO, Buster, Art Alliance, Development, Marketing, Service-Learning Offices) were encouraged

YAC Themes for the year                              STUCO's Themes every year

Health and Education                                      - Social/Support

-Youth-4-Education                                         -Constituency Representation

*Achievement Gap:Children & Teens                - Community Service

-Elderly                                                          -Athletics

-Poverty & Hunger                                           -Arts

-Children                                                         -Academics



-National Connections
-Global Connections


From Marshall L

What StuCo?

Our Student Councilʼs goal is to make every day student life at Casady the best that it can be, and to encourage Casady students to rally behind and help fellow students with their unique endeavors. 

Why StuCo?

Our student body is filled with bright minds filled with unique passions, ideas, and causes. Whether we are encouraging students to pack the gym to cheer on their classmates, or spreading enthusiasm for the many different organizationʼs fundraisers throughout the year, we want every student to have all the support they can get to make success possible. We realize that with such a small upper division student body, it is more difficult to raise a significant amount money for charities or to put on a large scale successful event. This is why student council takes the ideas or causes of one student or one organization, and then reaches out to the whole student body to get them involved. 

How StuCO?

Student Council works in two ways. The first is through our own events. 

Throughout the year we put on 2-4 pep rallies to gain support for our athletic teams. 

Playing in the SPC, too often Cyclones teams play at the same time or play their games in Texas, to the point that many of our teams do not get a lot of fan support during their games. Pep Rallies are a way to show our support, and encourage the student body to come to as many games as they can. Traditionally, we have also always hosted one big fundraiser at some point in the year, or raise money through smaller events throughout the year to add up to donate to one cause. Student Council also facilitates the many miscellaneous events throughout the year such as: Graduation, Freshman Orientation, 8th grade visitation days. We work with the administration to give a studentʼs perspective on how to make these hectic days operate smoothly, and then help to do  just that on the day of the event. The second is through promoting other studentʼs ideas whether this be through talking to the administration to give incentives such as extra off campuses or out of uniform days, announcing and promoting causes in chapel, or seeing that studentʼs who offer ideas to student council get their ideas discussed, and hopefully accomplished.

Next year, I would like to see our Student Council do a few things better.

1. Donʼt meet at 7:00am, there is not enough contribution from underclassmen because 

they are too sleepy.

2. Get a calendar and fill out everything that StuCo wants to accomplish on the calendar 

AT the StuCo lock in during the summer. Give temporary dates, but do assign dates to have a rough idea of when things will happen. Our biggest mistake this year was planning things last minute and having to cram work in last minute.

3. Have small fundraising events like bake sales or simple things of that nature leading up to the walk a thon. The small event tally up.

4. Reach out to Chipotle or Canes for a fundraiser where a certain amount of profit that they make goes to our fundraiser, ask for this day to be on a day when we have an all grade off campus so that lots of people can go there.

5. More pep rallies. (Winter & Spring)

6. Have StuCo meetings with your grade once every couple weeks or monthly, this is a good way to take ideas from the student body that they would like to see happen.

The themes and what we did 

YAC Themes for the year                              STUCO's Themes every year

Health and Education                                      - Social/Support

Children Hospital Placemats       Senior mentors, dances, crazy fun week

-Youth-4-Education                                         -Constituency Representation

Bookmarks, Books for Bodine            Voice of students to administration

*Achievement Gap:Children & Teens                - Community Service

Bronco Boom @ Britton Elementary         Walk-A-Thon

-Elderly                                                          -Athletics

Marolyn with an O, Mr. Rainbolt                 Pep Rallies, Walk-A-Thon

-Poverty & Hunger                                           -Arts

MLK Day @ Food Bank , Food  Drive            T-shirts Resource

-Children                                                         -Academics

Britton E. and Boys & Girls Club:    Fresh. Orientation, 8th grade visit      Peace Wk & NVW


None as a group.  Several members of Youth Board


NVW connection to Habitat for Humanity


National Days of Service:  9/11, Peace Week, NVW, GYSD, Earth Week


Connections to Volleyball:  Dig Pink, Softball and Field Hockey: ICS


Mrs. Finley, Dr. Gerard Projects, Bookmark in language classes


Play free to teachers & vineyard residents, Evening Arts helpers


STUCO Walk-A-thon, Chinese Club lunch for Half the Sky
National Connections
Points of Light/ Corporation of National Service Service days
NYLC Conference in DC
YSA monthly debriefings

This needs to continue to be explored.  Some resources suggested

YAC Themes for the year                              STUCO's Themes every year

Health and Education                                      - Social/Support

-Youth-4-Education                                         -Constituency Representation

                          CPO, Buster, Arts Alliance, Marketing and Development Offices

*Achievement Gap:Children & Teens                - Community Service

                                                                     Service-Learning Office

-Elderly                                                          -Athletics

                                                                      Buster Club

-Poverty & Hunger                                           -Arts

                                                                      Arts Alliance

-Children                                                         -Academics

-Pets                                                                Faculty 


-National Connections
-Global Connections

Next Year's YAC Leadership                       Next Year's STUCO Leadership
YAC is by time spent in YAC                       Campaign and elections forthcoming

Co-Presidents: Aubrey and Dylan                    President
Vice-President: Johnny                                   Vice-President
Secretary                                                       Grade Representatives
Grade Level Project Chairs

Others need to be proposed to the people who have earn the right for their involvement in the club.

a. Define the expectations of the position

b. Connect to personal preferences, talents and interests

c. Check availability of time looking at calendar and personal schedules

Slate of people who have taken leadership positions in 2014-2015
Miranda, Natalie, Mariam, Safra, Sara
Kate, Tara, Abby, Cathy, Turner

Regarding Officers from the first and second YAC Fedex-Strategic Planning

Theme: Children

Seniors: Sidney, Jessica, Taylor: Health (Children's Hospital, Bethany Children's Center, OKC Kids Korral)  Safety and Well Being(YMCA, YWCA, ICS, Boys and Girls Club)

Juniors: Aubrey: Self-esteem (You are Special; Dress for Success: Clothing, Opportunities, Cleats for Kids, Special Care, Food Bank Back Pack and Kids Cafes programs, Foster Children wishes-Foster children party:  Lower-Upper relationship building: Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, YWCA)

Freshmen: Miranda, Johnny, Ananya: Literacy (School partnerships/tutoring/book drives, Metropolitan Library System, Come and Read with Me Program. after School Program at YMCA, Casady School)  Poverty (Food:  Food Bank, Backpack program, Kids Cafes Program, World Neighbors: Hunger Banquet, United Nations: World Food Programme, School Meals, USA free and reduced cost meals for kids during school, breaks, and summers)

From the Second Fedex
Suggestion to have teams leading!

CO-PRESIDENTS: Main speakers, leadership, ownership - Seniors

Co-VP's: Familiar with all different areas - Juniors

Archives TeamSecretary  Any grade

Ways and Means TeamTreasurer  Any grade.  Position handling money has to have checks and balances.  Fall Fest Funding. $100 from S-L per month ($900 per year.  If not used by YAC, money is used for operating the service-learning office)

Communications TeamSocial Chair  Any grade

Membership Team:  Leader should be a sophomore
-Freshman Chairs/Reps
-Sophomore Chairs/Reps
-Junior Chairs/Reps
-Freshmen Chairs/Reps

YAC Membership: Teens Acting in the Community
Original t-shirt for National Volunteer Week:  Decided no t-shirt for 2015.
Original logo with mission vision and purpose:  In parking lot
From Aubrey, YAC  PRESIDENT 2015-2016

1.       What is our theme going to be?  We have the above brainstorming, but no decisions were taken because only Dylan represented next year's leadership at the meeting.

2.       What months are each grade going to take over to do their projects? Who is going to take charge of the projects and what will they be?  This has to be handle at a planning meeting at the end of May after exams are over.  We did not have a forum of participants to make this decision

3.       How can we continue Ananya's bookmark project? Name, phone number, and email of sponsor?
Bodine Elementary connection will be made when we deliver the books.  The program with Britton elementary needs to be explored independent of Bronco Boom from UCO if we re interested in continuining.  The bookmark project is a global initiative with information located at 

4.       Continuing to make Place Mats for children's hospital On parking lot

5.       Pinwheels  On parking lot

6.       Do Johnny and Turner want to plan Peace Week again? On parking lot

7.       Appoint exec board people for next year and get their numbers and emails.  The only ones we were sure about were co-presidents and vice president.  Others need to be proposed to the people who have earn the right for their involvement in the club, but the recommendation was to 
a. Define the expectations of the position
b. Connect to personal preferences, talents and interests
c. Check availability of time looking at calendar and personal schedules

Calendar:  Decide on monthly projects that correlate with the year's theme  On parking lot.  Recommendation to pick overarching team, develop goals and objectives.  Then place experiences (projects) that will inspire others to serve.  Highly recommended a several hours meeting to work on this at the end of May and revisit in August before school starts.

Casady YAC  2014-2015: Sponsor's Reflection

1. What is YAC?  A service youth group.  YAC stands for Youth Acting in the Community  More time in the community as a group

2. Why YAC? Inspire others to find their passion to serve.

3. How YAC? Projects planned at meetings.  Community organizations attend meetings to promote their mission and need for Casady volunteers.  YAC students engage in multiple of city youth boards as consequence of these visits: YLOKC, Infant Crisis Services, Hope Corps of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Special Care, Youth Services of Oklahoma County, Humane Society, Pepper's Ranch, Focus on Home, Mental Health Youth Board, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Youth Board, to name only a few

YAC's 2014-2015 Theme: Advocacy and Action with the theme of children in 2014-2015.

YAC is supported by the Casady Service-Learning Program. The Casady Service Learning Program follows the national service days and awareness months calendar with default projects at partner community organizations such as the Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding together, Boys and Girls Club, Interfaith Alliance, Respect Diversity Foundation, Metropolitan Library Systems, Come and Read with Me Program and local elementary schools and elderly independent living facilities.

YAC 2014-2015: Indirect Service, Advocacy and Fundraising

Children's Hospital Placemats- Collaboration with STUCO fundraiser  200 placemats

Rainbow Fleet sponsorship of 4 daycare centers with resources to teach their children  $120

Literacy: Youth-4-Education:  Focusing on the achievement gap@home and globally: Bookmarks for Literacy, 4,000+ bookmarks. 350 made by Casady YAC and Boys and Girls Club

Books for Bodine Elementary  500 books donated by Come and Read with Me Program.  No school participation

Food Drive and MLK Day @ Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma  Increased participation from UD  

Cleats for Kids fundraiser  Great # of donations from MD.  Only a few from UD

Chinese Club fundraiser for medical services for orphan children in China  $1,500

Pinwheels for Peace fundraiser to help build a foster home at Pepper's Ranch  $1,000

YAC 2014-2015: Direct Service

Peace Team @ OK Kids Korral   Pinwheel making

Peace Team @ Single Parent Network  Pinwheel making

YLOKC Casady @ OK Kids Korral Positive Tomorrows and Mercy School Institute Pinwheel Making

Mentoring and tutoring with Bronco Boom at Britton Elementary

Peace Week pinwheels, National Volunteer Week and Global Youth Service Day Bookmarks and t-shirts at Boys and Girls Club, 200 pinwheels, 175 bookmarks

Tennis Clinic at Boys and Girls Club in June

YAC 2014-2015: Research Service

Writing grants for literacy, State Farm YAB did not approve grant

Exploring Membership at National Youth Boards NYLC: Youth-4-Education, YSA to have a voice on National Service Learning Conference and National Days of Service: National Youth Boards

4. Who is YAC?

Executive Board formed this year.  No bylaws in place

Co-Presidents, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chair, Grade Level Chairs: Project facilitators.  No elections.  Officers determined by time spent in YAC

Members: No fee.  Anyone can join any time during the year.  Attend meetings.  Get service hours for attending meetings with participation in projects. 

Sponsors: Carmen Clay.   Father Youmans when schedule permits.

5. When YAC?  Tuesdays B-Block.  If this is the day for YAC in 2014-2015, Mrs. Clay will miss once a month because she is a member of COVA (Central Oklahoma Volunteer Administrators).  COVA's monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of the month

6. How much YAC?  Fall Fest Fundraiser $80 managed by Treasurer
$100 per month for project initiatives from Service-Learning Budget managed by S-L director
Meeting snacks, donations from members

7. How connected will YAC's calendar be to the Service-Learning Calendar 

National Days of Service Action.  

Monthly Advocacy

Summer Months:  Office closed.  Communication via e-mail and per appointment or activity



Peace Week Project Meetings

 YLOKC Meetings




- Peace One Day

-On a Paper Crane, Tomoko’s Adventure

-Pinwheels for Peace



Friday August 7- Monday August 10

Peace Team Delegation (64 people invited, 3 per organization)

                                           SERVICE LEARNING OFFICE OPEN HOUSE

                          Ice Cream Social for Faculty- During Teacher Orientation

                          Ice Cream Social for Students -  First Week of School
                                        All classes e-mail reports

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