Comp103 Assignment 4 Seamanship

COMP 103 (2017) - Assignments

Note that the demos are only available on the school workstations, and are not on the web to be copied or downloaded to run at home. See also the weekly timetable with lecture, lab, and tutorial times. Each of the assignments is due at 11 am, Friday. Each of the assignments is made available at 3:00pm, Friday. You can get online help from a tutor via the web interface or Remember to attach your code and be specific with your question. See more information about Note: Assignments are mainly opportunities for you to learn, and your work in them is mainly to be assessed via your ability to do well in the tests and exam. Despite this, the assignments do contribute to your grade, as well as being a mandatory requirement (you must make a reasonable attempt at 7 out of the 10). Most assignments consist of "core" (essential) and "completion" parts, plus further challenges for students who find the first parts straightforward. The "reflection" component of each assignment always contributes 10% to the overall assignment mark, even when the assignment description does not explicitly mentions this. The style of your code contributes to 5% to the overall assignment mark. Take the time to read the expectations for the COMP 103 Programming Style Guide, also available from the left hand bar menu.
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COMP 103 (2017) - Lecture Schedule

Lectures are held at 11:10am - 12:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in KKLT303. Videos of lectures are going up on Blackboard. NB! This schedule is always a work in progress when it comes to the lectures that have not happened yet! NB! In case you would like to have hardcopies of the slides, you are expected to print your own.
Lecture #TopicSlides
week starting 17 July (week #1)
lecture 1 Introduction pptxpdf
lecture 2 Libraries pptxpdf
lecture 3 Interfaces, Classes, Collections pptxpdf
Assignment 1 out 21 Jul
due 28 Jul
1d and 2d arrays: BasicArrays, Game16 and Game2048
week starting 24 July (week #2) NB! Tutorials start this week.
lecture 4 More Collections: Bags, Sets, Queues and Maps pptxpdf
lecture 5 Stacks pptxpdf
lecture 6 Implementing ArrayList (I) pptxpdf
Assignment 2 out 28 Jul,
due 4 Aug
Collections: FastFood, Undo for Sokoban
week starting 31 July (week #3)
lecture 7 Implementing ArrayList (II) pptxpdf
lecture 8 Introduction to analysing costs pptxpdf
lecture 9 ArraySet costs, Binary Search pptxpdf
Assignment 3 out 4 Aug,
due 11 Aug
Performance, ArraySet and Binary Search: ArraySet, SortedArraySet
week starting 7 August (week #4)
lecture 10 Linked Structures
Text book: Ch. 14. 4
lecture 11 Linked Structures Part 2
Textbook Ch 15.4
lecture 12 Iterators pptxpdf
Assignment 4 out 11 Aug,
due 18 Aug
Linked-list data structure: SlideShowApp
week starting 14 August (week #5)
lecture 13 Introduction to trees
Text book: Ch. 16
lecture 14 Binary Trees & Recursion
Text book: Ch. 16.4 & 16.2
lecture 15 Recursion with Linked Structures pptxpdf
Assignment 5 out 18 Aug,
due 15 Sep
week starting 21 August (week #6)
lecture 16 Recursion with Numbers pptxpdf
lecture 17 Recursion with Numbers (continued)
Thursday, 24th of August @ 11am MID-TERM TEST
Mid-trimester Break week: 28 August - 10 September
week starting 11 September (week #7)
lecture 18 Binary Search Trees 1
Text book: Ch. 17.1
lecture 19 Binary Search Trees 2 pptxpdf
lecture 20 Binary Search Trees 3 pptxpdf
Assignment 6 out 15 Sep,
due 22 Sep
Binary search tree: DictionaryApp
week starting 18 September (week #8)
lecture 21 General Trees pptxpdf
lecture 22 Traversing Trees
Text book: Ch. 16.2
lecture 23 Recursion, Iteration and Stacks pptxpdf
Assignment 7 out 22 Sep,
due 29 Sep
General tree: TaxonomyApp
week starting 25 September (week #9)
  * No Monday lecture *
lecture 24 Priority Queues and Heaps
Text book: Ch. 17.4-17.5
lecture 25 Priority Queues and Heaps
Text book: Ch. 17.4-17.5
Assignment 8 out 29 Sep,
due 6 Oct
Priority Queues and Partially Ordered Trees: BellsPizzaSimulation
week starting 2 October (week #10)
lecture 26 Sorting: The Slow Sorts pptxpdf
lecture 27 Merge Sort pptxpdf
  * No Thursday lecture *
Assignment 9 out 6 Oct,
due 13 Oct
Comparators and Testing: Molecule Renderer, ArrayQueue. Slides on JUNit: pptx, 4up
week starting 9 October (week #11)
lecture 28 QuickSort pptxpdf
lecture 29 HeapSort
Text book: Ch. 17.6
  * No Thursday lecture *  
Assignment 10 out 13 Oct,
due 20 OctEcsGroup
Sorting: Measuring and improving sorting algorithms
week starting 16 October (week #12)
lecture 30 Fast sets: Bit sets and Hashing pptxpdf
lecture 31 Hashing: Collisions pptxpdf
  * No Thursday lecture *  
To fit in: Junit testing pptxpdf and Comparators
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