Typewriter Vs Computer Essay In Urdu

Urdu /ˈʊərduː/ (اُردُو‎ ) is the national language of Pakistan with 94 million speaker, and a official language of six states of India. It is also one of the 22 official language recognized in the Consititution of India and has around 65 million of speaker in India alone.

Historically, Urdu is associated with the Muslims region of Hindustan. The urdu language received recognition when the British replaced the Persian and local official languages of North Indian (Jammu and Kashmir) state with the Urdu and English in 1837.

Urdu is a form of Hindustani. It evolved around 6th to 13th century, and was developed under the influence of the Persian and Arabic languages, both of which have contributed a significant amout of vocabulary to formal speech. Around 99% of Urdu verbs have their roots in Sanskrit and Prakrit.

Speakers and geographic distribution

Fig 2. Autograph of Last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah II

There are between 60 and 70 million native speakers of Urdu.There were 52 million in India per the 2001 census, some 6% of the population; approximately 10 million in Pakistan or 7.57% per the 1998 census; and several hundred thousand in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United States, and Bangladesh. However, a knowledge of Urdu allows one to speak with far more people than that, because Hindustani, of which Urdu is one variety, is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world, after Mandarin, English, and Spanish. Because of the difficulty in distinguishing between Urdu and Hindi speakers in India and Pakistan, as well as estimating the number of people for whom Urdu is a second language, the estimated number of speakers is uncertain and controversial.

Official status

Urdu is the national and one of the two official languages of Pakistan, along with English, and is spoken and understood throughout the country. Only 7.57% of Pakistanis have Urdu as their mother language, but Urdu is understood all over Pakistan. It is used in education, literature, office and court business. It holds in itself a repository of the cultural and social heritage of the country. Although English is used in most elite circles, and Punjabi has a plurality of native speakers, Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. In practice English is used instead of Urdu in the higher echelons of government. Urdu is also one of the officially recognized languages in India and has official language status in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir and the national capital, New Delhi.

Urdu speech to Urdu text. Also Urdu speech to English text translation.
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اب آپ لکھ سکتے ہیں اردو کسی بھی ایپلیکیشن میں۔ اور یہ ہے اب بہت ہی آسان۔ بس ٹائپ کریں اس کی بورڈ سے۔

Freely type in Roman English keyboard and proper Urdu words will appear automatically.

آسانی سے ٹائپ کریں رومن اردو میں اور وہ خود نستعلیق اردو الفاظ میں تبدیل ہو جائیں گے۔

★ Optional Urdu layout. (ا ب پ)
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★ انٹرنیٹ کنیکشن کی کم سے کم ضرورت
Shows Urdu as you type.
★ ٹائپ کرتے ہوئے اردو دیکھئے
★ Ability to disable keyboard
★ جب چاہیں کی بورڈ دس ایبل کر دیں
★ English Keyboard with Dictionary and correction.
★ انگریزی کی بورڈ دکشنری اور اصلاح کے ساتھ
★ EMOJI keyboard added
★ اموجی کی بورڈ
★ Easy Paisa payment option for Pakistan
★ پاکستان کے لئے ایزی پیسہ کا آپشن

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