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Robinson Elementary 

        Hopefully the flu season is finally over.  It was a difficult time with everyone out sick!  Let's all hope that everyone stays healthy until the end of the year!

       It's hard to believe that we have less than 70 days of kindergarten left.  Where did the time go!  We will begin practicing for the Three Piggy Opera later this month.  Our performances will be on Friday, April 27th.  Please let us know if your child will not be at school for any reason.  Thanks!

     The March homework packet is available for download.  It will be due on Friday, March 30th.

        The students have been doing an amazing job with their sharing.  The March Sharing topics are also available for downloading.  If your child forgets their sharing on their share day, please have them bring it in the following day. Thanks!

Teacher Contact Information

School Telephone Number:  (310) 318-5120
                   Mrs. Scott
                                                Ms. Asano                                        
          Room 1A                                                    Room 1B                                                   
                ext. 3201                                                     ext. 4201                                

Monthly Homework Packets:
        Please download the homework packet at the beginning of each month (or end of the previous month) and return it to school at the end of the month (see the homework packets for specific dates.)  The homework packets should be ready for download by Friday of the before the new month begins. 
Monthly Extra Credit:
        Also available for download are monthly "Just for Fun" calendars for students to work on each month.  (The calendar downloads begin JFF)  Please keep the calendars for the entire month.  If you complete a minimum of 2 activities each week, return it to school at the end of the month.
At Home Reading:
     Students are required to read for at least 15 minutes each night.  Students can read the books that have been sent home, favorites, raz-kids and stories that are read to them.  Books will also be sent home periodically for students to read.  Please have them practice reading the stories to you and other family members. 
Individualized Reading Online:
       The online home Reading program is on  Each student has their own login.  To access your child's account. 
            1.  Click on the login tab at the top of the page.
            2.  Type in your teacher's login user name.
                    *  Miss Asano's class - masano0 (0=zero)
                    *  Mrs. Scott's Class - RobinsonKinder
            3.  Click on your child's name or icon
            4.  There is no password for the students.  It is only for the teachers to access progress.
            5.  Students can then listen to and read the stories at their designated level. 
     Students move up levels as they complete them at their own pace.   Please sit and listen to your child read periodically so you can check that they are reading at their level.  The teachers will be checking their progress at school as well.  Try to have your child listen & read at least 2 - 3 stories each week.    Remember as the levels get higher, students need to answer the quizes (?) to continue. Have fun reading!
 Please contact your teacher if you have any questions.

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