Essay Topics In Graphic Design

22 Interesting Questions To Discuss In A Dissertation On Graphic Design

A graphic design area offers plenty of promising research topics for your dissertation. While working on your paper. You should keep in mind that your task is to attract your reader’s attention. In other words, it is vital to remember about your audience and select a topic idea that will be interesting to you as well as to other professionals in the field. The following guidelines will help you choose a proper topic without a hitch.

Choosing a Graphic Design Dissertation Topic

Most students are struggling when considering their dissertation topics, as this choice significantly influences their future career. Academic advisors agree that you should come up with a research question that, when answered, would provide insight on the things in a completely new way.

You should think hard to come up with a question that cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no.” It is a good idea to brainstorm to get a list of potential topics, do a brief literature study, clarify your topic idea, and get it approved by your professor. If you do not like brainstorming, you can simply select one of the sample topics below.

Sample Dissertation Topic Ideas in Graphic Design

To get inspired, study the following list of 22 interesting questions to discuss in your assignment:

  1. How have the trends in graphic design changed over the past decade?
  2. Who is the most influential graphic designer in your opinion?
  3. What do you consider more important aesthetics or function?
  4. How has digital art evolved?
  5. What has had the most impact on graphic design in Europe?
  6. How do people make art more accessible?
  7. How do modern technologies influence graphic design?
  8. Why does graphic design play such an important role in advertising?
  9. What are the most popular designs used in the creation of the commercial logos?
  10. What is a graphic novel?
  11. Why can anime be considered as art?
  12. What qualities should a professional graphic designer have?
  13. How does design interact with politics?
  14. What relationship do graphic design and pop culture have?
  15. How can a graphic design of the book cover affect the sales of the book?
  16. What is the best graphic design project of the last decade in your state?
  17. How does culture affect graphic design?
  18. Why do some designs inspire strong emotional responses?
  19. How did youth movements influence graphic design in your country?
  20. What tools are used by both conventional photographers and graphic designers?
  21. How may graphic design change a company’s identity?
  22. What are the distinctive features of Web design?

A list of contemporary graphic design research paper topics

Graphic design tells a story with or without words in much the same way as contemporary art but with a topic that may have a more pointed commercial value. This may be a logo, a poster, an entire theme for an office or a banner. When you decide to research in this subject area, your choices are also quite extensive. Here are a few to consider.

How color TV changed graphic design

Prior to the invention of color television, the graphic art featured in popular shows had to focus on elements that did not require color. Look at examples of how these early designers worked around their limitations to produce a workable product. You can also look into the type of graphic design that is targeted to visually impaired people to get an idea of other ways that graphic artists have and still do improvise.

How the Gutenberg press changed typography

Prior to the invention of the Gutenberg press, books were expensive and with good reason. Each one was written by hand by monks. Once the press was created, books could be made far more quickly and errors were reduced. This also led to a standardization in lettering. Look into how this has influenced modern writing.

The birth of realism in traditional art

While graphic design is not only art, it overlaps with the field significantly enough for a topic on traditional art to have relevance. The stylized type of art that was popular in many ancient cultures has been borrowed from in graphic design quite successfully. This paper can discuss how the shift was made into a sort of realistic standard.

How computers made graphic design accessible

The prices of technology have decreased at rapid rates so that even the graphics that were the top of the line a few decades ago are now achievable on the average home computer. You can discuss how much the industry has benefited from this increased access.

The most influential designs of the past century

This research paper can look at classic designs and the features that make them so timeless. For comparison, it can explain why other designs were quickly abandoned.

As a graphic designer you may be more interested in designing than writing about design. At times we may need to do things that we don’t enjoy in the pursuit of academic glory. Select a topic you can relate to and the process will be that much more interesting for you.

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