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The "Lord Of The Flies" Essay, All About Ralph And How His Character Changes Throughout The Novel

In the story the "Lord of the Flies", Ralph is initially voted as leader of the boys but overtime his power is taken over by Jack. Ralph is initially chosen due to his many good leadership qualities. For instance Ralph is the first to take charge and organize a group meeting. Overtime, people start to follow Jack as chief instead of Ralph. Jack makes the boys think they can have more fun by being on his side. Jack has the ability to tell the boys what they want to hear in order to win them over. By the end of the novel Jack has complete control over everyone. For example, Jack controls the way the others think and has even taken control of their own lives. This conclusion proves that in a situation without civilization people become savage and uncivilized.

At the beginning of the novel, Ralph is initially chosen as leader due to his many good qualities which causes a continuous rivalry between him and Jack. Ralph is the most charismatic of the group and this is why he was chosen as leader. Ralph took action by calling a meeting and planning strategies to survive on the island. Throughout the novel Ralph and Jack maintain a strong rivalry. This is so because Jack is angry with Ralph because he believes he should be chief. Ralph and Jack are two very different people. Ralph is always concerned with keeping order on the island and following rules, whereas Jack refuses to follow anyone's rules. Ralph was a good leader because he was trying to get them rescued while Jack wanted the boys to have fun and not listen to any of the rules.

By the end of the novel, Jack's savage personality and...

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The change in Scrooge’s character - Sample Essay

Scrooge is described as “a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner! ” at the start of “A Christmas Carol” and as a man who “became as good a friend, as good a master and as good a man, as the good old city knew” at the end. In Charles Dickens Classic Novel “A Christmas Carol” Ebenezer Scrooge is a bitter old man.

At the beginning of the novel Scrooge has reached a point in his life where he is a wealthy business man but is horrible to everyone and is disliked by many because he behaves so badly. Scrooge comes across as a man who is angry with the whole world, bitter and twisted and even though many may think that money buys you happiness this has not happened for Scrooge it seems the more money that he has the more miserable he became.

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Before Scrooges old partner Marley’s ghost first appeared to Scrooge, Scrooge had been mean to several people that day including his inoffensive nephew who he told “every idiot who goes about with Merry Christmas on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart he should” Scrooge had also been unkind to Bob Crachit his clerk as he begrudged giving the poor man Christmas day off of work “You’ll want all day tomorrow, I suppose?

” Scrooge asked Crachit as Scrooge did not want to give Crachit Christmas day off even though he knew that Crachit had a family and a disabled son he wanted to be with. Two men who were collecting for the poor and destitute visited Scrooge in hope of a donation for charity and were sent on their way he told them “I don’t make merry at Christmas and I can’t afford to make idle people merry” The way in which Scrooge behaved to these people showed what a miserable unkind sole he was.

Marley’s ghost told Scrooge that three spirits will visit him Scrooge said “I – I think I’d rather not” Scrooge did not seem interested in changing his way of life and just wanted to be left alone. When the first of three spirits arrived it took Scrooge back through his past life back to when he was a child it showed Scrooge how unhappy he was the ghost reminds Scrooge that he was “A solitary child, neglected by his friends” Scrooge remembered how he felt as that child and was saddened by this, he also remembered how earlier that day he had chased away a young carol singer from his door by threatening to hit him with a ruler.

Scrooge felt a pang of guilt for the way in which he had treated the lonely young boy. They continued their journey through Scrooges childhood and Scrooge’s mood was lightened by seeing many things from his past. They came to Scrooge’s sister who obviously adored him as she hugged and kissed a young Scrooge as she addressed him as “her dear, dear brother”. The young Scrooge seemed to love his sister very much and seemed delighted to be around her. Scrooge spoke to the spirit about his sister with great love and admiration.

After this Scrooge seemed uneasy when the spirit spoke of his sisters son who had visited him earlier that day you feel as if Scrooge was feeling a bit guilty for the way in which he had treated his nephew. Scrooge and the first spirit then travelled to where Scrooge worked when he was an apprentice he saw his friend Dick who was a fellow apprentice and Scrooge and the spirit watched Old Fezziwig who they worked for entertain them at the company Christmas party.

After watching himself as a young apprentice and seeing how Old Fezziwig treated him and all his fellow workers Scrooge began to feel guilty for how he had treated Crachit his Clerk the spirit asked Scrooge “What is the matter? ” Scrooge eventually told the spirit “No, I should like to be able to say a word or two to my clerk just now” Scrooge at this time has realised that he has been a terrible employer to his clerk. The second spirit who visited Scrooge “the ghost of the Christmas Present” again took Scrooge to see people outside rushing around happily preparing for Christmas.

The Spirit and Scrooge visited Bob Crachits house Scrooge’s clerk who was preparing for Christmas dinner with his family, Scrooge saw how excited the whole family were about Christmas dinner, he saw tiny Tim who was Cratchits disabled son he saw how the whole family rallied around him to make him comfortable. Scrooge asked the spirit “Tell me if Tiny Tim will live” Scrooge seemed to have feelings and felt concerned for Tiny Tim.

Scrooge watched as Crachit toasted “I give you Mr Scrooge the founder of the feast” The whole family toasted Scrooge to make their father happy but Scrooge could see that none of them genuinely wanted to toast him and they all felt he was an ogre. The family again continued with their celebrations and Scrooge could see how happy the family was. After visiting Crachit the second spirit took Scrooge to his nephews house again they watched his nephew and his wife and their guest enjoy the Christmas celebrations they laughed and laughed and had a wonderful time.

Even though Scrooge had over the years been miserable when his nephew The three spirits had an enormous impact on the rest of Scrooges life he realised that money was not the only thing that mattered and living life with people around you made a difference. Helping others was not a crime but actually something that would give him pleasure. He realised that people had mostly treated him well throughout his life until he became an old miser and after seeing how his employer had treated him when he was younger.

Scrooge was able to see that he could help Bob Crachit and his family financially and by making Crachit’s working hours less so he could spend more time with Tiny Tim he would make his life happier. He also sent Bob Crachits a large Turkey as this was what Bob Crachit had wanted. After seeing his sister and himself when they were younger and seeing his nephew on Christmas day he realised that it would be fun to be part of his family again and so both the ghost of the Christmas past and the Ghost of the present helped Scrooge see family was important.

Scrooge also gave to charity after meeting the three spirits as they were able to show him that charity was a good thing. Scrooge became to close to Tiny Tim he was a second father to him which showed he was a compassionate man. Scrooge had lost sight of what was important in life he had become obsessed with money and this had brought him nothing but misery as he did not want to share his good fortune with others. The spirits had shown him the error of his ways and he became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man and everyone who knew him would of agreed.

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